Wednesday, July 1, 2009

No one is a winner, so don't be a loser

No one has correctly guessed the Hi-U worst calves.. so here is a hint. Sohmy, Alex"no calves"rock and ___. first two correct guesses wins a L'autobus Tshirt. email you guess along with T size, and shipping address to or shoot it on myface.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Find your match with L'autobus Harmony

No-Man's Land
Perhaps this instalment should be called "
Lucky Man's Land".. . Tayler Wiles(pcim) and Matt Bradley(skullcandy-jsa) were spotted pal-ing around at Hi-u, how else was Tayler gona get to Evanston? one of my sources was able to get a pic of them and their "friendship" necklace.. If I were Bradley I'd get "with benefits" engraved on my half.. just to see if it works.

Reportedly Tayler finds tatts appealing, to bad for Clinger(cole sport) as his are on the way out....after running our L'autobus compatibility test we decided Sleevie(canyon development) is a match...but then again The Claw(canyon draper) came up as a match as well...Eharmony we are not.

Kelsey Kooreman(pcim) was spotted with Tri stud Lee Saber(vivid video).. tell me thats not a "stage name". These two were photographed "helping" each other prior to some event.. funny how the photos show the "Saber" zipping up Kels but then they're walking unzipped together..hmmm? I'm not sure if the event was called BAM or if thats just what happened...

From the Team Car

Patrick Fasse(ski utah) was recently dropped on the first climb of the Little Mountain Road Race, subsequently he has been dropped from Ski Utah.
With nowhere left to turn Fasse signed up as a mail order husband, he was quickly bought up by a well to do bachelorette and will be shipped of to Chicago at months end. Check
FaceBook for time and location of the bachelor party.