Wednesday, April 15, 2009

What's Beef & Caddy Cathy goes for a ride

From the Team Car
Word from the Team Car is that Sohmy(porcupine.specialized) and Phil Wood(FFKR.SBO) have beef. Apparently during H.O.T.N. the two were in the lead break and Wood was aloud to sit on for a couple laps, later returning to work. When the dash for the line came Wood bested his break away companions.. I guess Sohmy didn't think that was very gentlemanly..especially since it decided who would wear the UCA points leaders jersey... but that's just racing.

In related news, now that Tour Du Depot is over Wood has passed the UCA leaders jersey to Sam Krieg(I.C.E.), So who's got beef now? Speaking of T.O.D.T, these guys(R.M.E) showed up.

Rocky Mountain Elite cycling team were "Team" for sure, racing with ear-pieces, talking about "johnny do you want us to chase?". They did put one guy into 5th. The guy that actually won the 1-2 field didn't have a team or radios, just got in a lucky break.

Dave Harward(porcupine.specialized) was playing his cards close to the chest this past weekend. Sources tell me Dave claimed to be holding back during the opening TT of T.O.T.D., subsequently he was left looking for the ultimate break for the rest of the weekend. If you got the cat, you gotta let it out of the bag. Matt(indohran)Ohran(monavie.cannondale) wasn't holding back @the Depot, neither was his dirt merchant buddy Mitch(thinner)Peterson(monavie.cannondale) those guys lit it up in the Pine Canyon circuit and the road race. Thinner attacked the Circuit and the road race but Indohran got in the right brake and took silver on stage3. Talk in the mechanics bay is that even Matt's old lady didn't think he had it in him.

Other old men that lit up T.O.T.D., Skullcandy p/b JSA architects. These guys were super active all weekend and placed a couple of their best into the top 5 of the GC.

No-Man's Land
Who's in no-man's land?, The Cat4 Women are. From the sounds of things the ladies raced T.O.T.D with mouths like scurvy pirates. As the story goes, during stage 2 the break was more of a cat fight than a breakaway. I hear that the the B-word, the C-word and the P-word are not off limits.


Reed Wycoff(contender) and Ali Goulet(FFKR.SBO) Won their respective categories at Hell of the North much to the chagrin of the 3's and 4's. Goulet has since upgraded to Cat2..sources say that makes Eric Harrington(cyclesmith) pretty happy, He wasn't so happy at T.O.T.D though.. People want to know, whats Wycoff waiting for? USAC should just give him the upgrade so the 4's can dry their eyes. Stories from the Cat2 field indicate that Goulet is the sketchiest rider in the bunch, apparently he was drinking a bottle a ran out of control into a few guys almost taking the whole group out. Being a cross racer he probably doesn't have much practice using bottles or riding in a bunch for that matter.

Cat5 Tattoo
Turbo(Canyon Development) Blogged that the Pine Canyon Circuit "was a negative race" , that might have been a function of Canyon development chasing each other down...better luck next time.

p.s. Read the comments for additional laughs.

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