Friday, May 29, 2009

Vote for the Hotties of the Peloton!

Vote for your favorite hotties be it guy or gal.. you can vote multiple time and for multiple hotties, refer to the pics. Polls are open till 6.29.09 @ 12am. late entries will be posted soon so submit your pics and try your luck.. you might be the hottest.

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Thursday, May 28, 2009

DQ weekend and Hotties of the Peloton

From the Team Car
Crits are a funny thing, you can be the strongest guy in the field and still get 2nd to last... case in point- Reed Wycoff(contender) is cat4 destroyer but one man can't bring back the break and win the sprint. One of the interesting things about crits are all the opportunities for trash talk, If you didn't win you probably have a laundry list of who wronged you... this guy cut me off, so and so bumped me, I was just about to win when the guy in front of me let a gap open.

None are more vocal than the Masters field, If you don't ride just so one of them will let you have it. I guess Skullcandy decided to do the masters 35b race clinic.. they received lots of feed back, mainly from Bob"Father Christmas" Walker(bountiful mazda). As the saying goes "its better to give than receive", well Walker was in a giving mood handing out verbal lashing lap after lap.. i hope those Skullcandy guys learned a thing or two.

Here is the deal people, pack racing has variables. Ride in a predictable manner and watch out for the action ahead and for the guy behind you griping about this and that, he needs to stay out of your back wheel! end of story! If something goes down up front and your reaction causes the guy behind to go down.. that's his problem.. perhaps they should be watching their line instead of telling you to watch yours.

The real danger of local crits is getting disqualified. The 1-2 field saw a string of DQ's this weekend, first at Sugarhouse and then the next day at Jordanelle. At Sugarhouse Fox thought it was a cross race and was handing out $'s during the 1-2 race. The officials didn't care for that. They decided to kick Fox out of the venue and DQed multiple riders for "illegal feed", I don't think anyone ate the money though.

Fox was so pissed he went straight home to blog about it, stating that because of this he will never again race a UCA or USAC event in Utah.... seriously? If you're gonna make threats at least threaten to blow up the Officials trailer.. Fox hasn't raced in years and when he was racing it wasn't on the road.

On the other end of the spectrum, nice guy Turbo(canyon Development) tried to smooth things out with a mellow posting... kinda swinging from the official's labia if you ask me.

Maybe road racing is stupid, maybe its to serious, but if it wasn't what would i write about? I went to a mountain bike race once, everyone was happy to see each other, no hard stares or angry officials yelling at people for poor # placement. Pretty boring... the only drama was postponing the race due to muddy trails. Apparently Fox doesn't like Dirt racing either, posting this on monday's love in.

Back to the DQ's though, I don't know about doping but i do know about cheating.. and its never to early to start. Tanner"baby face"Putt(cole sport) collected the W at the Jordanelle crit but was quickly DQed for not running Jr. gears. It wasn't that simple though, Putt crossed the finish line and went straight to the Northwave tent for a wheel change, trying to pull the wool over the officials eyes. Good thing there were a few stool pigeons to alert the officials...It sucks for Putt cause he could of spun the 53x14 to a fine second behind Goulet, instead he got nun-th place..and that's why road racing is so fun.

Public Service Announcement
D.A.R.E., Dudes against rectal exposure would like to remind you to replace your shorts at least every couple seasons.
Brian"flyin Brian" Boudreau(D.A.R.E) was doing his best to force the field off his wheel at Sugarhouse, not with leg strength though. Boudreau figured wearing his favorite see through bibs would keep people back... its time to retire those shorts or at least lend them to the ladies 1-2 field. ** comment on what Brian's thought bubble should say and be immortalized on the interweb forever**

Hotties of the Peloton
Have you ever been out on a training ride and come across a guy or gal that made you want to draft for a while? the kind of cyclist that you'd let drive it on the front never wanting to pull through...we'll I've rounded up some pics of those people.... the Hotties of the Peloton.
Take a good look, voting starts later today.. if you're feeling left out, shoot me a pic @