Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Tomika visits PC and LOTOJA, worst race ever?

From the Team Car
No race last weekend, what do you if you're a racer with a free weekend? Spend it with family?Hell no! Area teams were out dancing with the angels on every climb from Lehi to Farmington. Each team looking for their Conta-doper to support for Saturdays 300 Warriors@ yeast canyon. If you're not one of the 300 it's not to late.

Not spotted out training was Gardie Jackson, Jackson was busy celebrating with Tomika. Apparently Tomika dipped into PC to celebrate his Roubaix win.

I hear there is Beef in the Masters fields. It doesn't surprise me, those guys are cranky. Someone dish the dirt....I'm not olde enough to reach the inner sanctum of this mens group.

Feed Zone

USU is in the feed zone but they don't need the musette...their bellies are full. It seems USU has taken a huge bite from Ali "socks"Goulet's sock style. The UCI would impose a 60 doinklet fine,

Knee high socks are just poor form on the road, 1-cyclocross is a fruit cake sport where guys regularly dress in drag, so Goulet's knee high stockings are passable and B-there is no room for freedom of expression on the road. The only thing that should separate you from the rest of us is your team hold your line and keep your legs shaved!

Race Doctor

Dirt merchant Mitchell Peterson had a visit from the Doc. this weekend. Turns out California is hot. While racing the Sea Rat Classic, Peterson suffered heat stroke...To look at this guy, I would assume he suffers heat stroke every time the lights come on.

Cat5 Tattoo
Lajoka gets the cat5 tattoo, more like the Red badge of Courage. I could go three different ways with my feelings about LOTOJA but i think the image above sums it up..... It's something to talk about around the water cooler at work, "I'm getting my nutrition dialed for lotaja".

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